KISEKI is a product that uses all the bounty of nature from the Yanbaru ‘Miracle Forest’
in the northern part of Okinawa, Japan.
The products are sold mainly in Okinawa.
Part of the proceeds is donated to the World Natural Heritage Promotion Council
of the three Yanbaru villages of Kunigami, Higashi and Ogimi.


大宜味村 シークワーサーをまるごと
大宜味村 シークヮーサー


Flat lemon (Citrus depressa Hayata), a speciality of Okinawa, is produced 3,600 tonnes per year. Ogimi Village, a major production area, accounts for more than half of its production.

Only 10% of the fruit is sold as it is, while the remaining 90% is shipped as juice. About 1,600 tonnes of the dregs from the pressing process were thrown away unused. *At the time of 2017

In the wisdom of grandmothers from long ago, all the dregs of this press were also used, for example, the basho cloth was washed with it to soften the fabric, to prevent insects and colour fading, and the rind was used to make confectionery. There was a way of life and culture there.

Flat lemon is one of the rarest of all citrus fruits in its original state. Grown in the sea breezes of the East China Sea and enriched with the minerals of limestone, this fruit is full of vitality.

KISEKI OGIMISSION is grateful for nature’s bounty and uses the whole fruit, including the rind, which was previously unused, to preserve as much of the flavour and aroma as possible in its natural state.

The whole flat lemon is grown with the love of the villagers, who say, “Growing flat lemon is my life’s ambition; I want to grow them until I am 100 years old.

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‘Oh Give Me Love’ chosen as welcome drink

September 2022.

Non-alcoholic Oh Give Me Love was available at the Student Flat Lemon stand!

Okinawa is a place where people cherish their connections with others. The Flat Lemon stand was set up by students who support the Okinawa Welcome Drink Project, which focuses on the traditional way of thinking and way of life in Okinawa and transmits it through the flat lemon drink.

The Flat Lemon stand sells drinks while rediscovering and transmitting the charm of good old Okinawa from the students’ point of view.

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Oh Give Me Love” is the welcome drink.

September 2022.

“Oh Give Me Love”, made from Ogimi Village flat lemon juice, has been chosen as the welcome drink for the 46th National Convention of Representatives of the Social and Catering Industry in Okinawa in 2022.

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa and other hotels in the prefecture have also endorsed the project and served “Oh Give Me Love” as a welcome drink to their guests. In addition, each hotel has its own original arrangement of welcome drink, such as a non-alcoholic version.

Also, original welcome drinks arranged by each hotel, including non-alcoholic versions, are now available!

The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Adopted as an amenity item of the hotel IRAPH SUI


IRAPH SUI Luxury Collection Hotel is a first-class hotel with an open space facing the coral reef beach on Irabu Island, Miyako Islands.

Candy containing flat lemons’ peel was chosen as an amenity item at the hotel.

SONY Aroma Stick Cartridge Ogimi

Jun 2018.

Our KISEKI Shekwasha (flat lemon) essential oil has been selected by Sony Corporation.

‘Sony’s AROMASTIC fragrance now features flat lemon from Ogimi Village, Okinawa!The dedicated cartridge “AROMASTIC CARTRIDGE from OGIMI” had been commercialised.’

*Currently not available.

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Shekwasha Essential Oil


Feel the scent of shekwasha from the miraculous forest

The highest quality aroma series was developed with the Fragrance and Place Institute. It is made from an essential oil from which only 0.5% is extracted at low temperature from the peel of the shekwasha, which grows on the limestones of Ogimi Village.

Two types of essential oils are available: shekwasha essential oil and shekwasha forest blend essential oil.

Green-cut (fruit harvested before it’s ripe) shekwasha juice


The juice made by squeezing whole green-cut shekwasha from Ogimi Village was developed together with Okinawa Chosei Yakuso Ltd.

It contains plenty of nobiletin, which is now attracting a lot of attention, and is a straight, additive-free juice made from roughage.

The Ogimi Village shekwasha grows in its original species in the limestone soil, sea breezes and strong sunlight unique to the area, and has a very strong vitality.

URL : Okinawa Chousei Yakuso Ltd.

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Shekwasha candy with juice & peel


A candy that makes it easy to consume nobiletin was developed together with Take Seika Ldt., a candy factory that has run business for 90 years.

The nobiletin contained in the peel of the green-cut shekwasha grown in Ogimi Village has been condensed. The rind contains 400 times more nobiletin than the juice.

Ryukyu glass aroma reed diffuser set


Refresh yourself with the colours and scents of Okinawa.

This aroma series is extracted from the fruit of the shekwasha, which grows on the limestones of Ogimi Village, a village of health and longevity located in the Yanbaru ‘Miracle Forest’.

In collaboration with Ryukyu Glass Village, the reed diffuser is made of brightly coloured Ryukyu glass reminiscent of the colours of Okinawa’s sea, sky, sun and plants.

Shekwasha skincare


Plants that grow in Okinawa, where UV rays are strong and typhoons are frequent, have a strong life force.
Among them, we have focused on shekwasha, which has resistance to brilliant sunlight, and Okinawan fucoidan, which has the power to regenerate itself.

This skincare series was jointly developed by Ryukyu Beauté Co., Ltd., from the University of the Ryukyu, and the KISEKI Project, with the aim of creating strong and beautiful skin.

Shekwasha Botanical Supplement


A supplement for easy nobiletin intake was developed with OKINAWAUKONDO Co., Ltd..

The nobiletin contained in the peel of the green-cut shekwasha grown in Ogimi Village has been condensed. The rind contains 400 times more nobiletin than the juice.

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