Island words we learned from our grandmother in Ogimi Village

「Kafu arashimisore, tutu tutu misore.」

Kafu has the meaning of ‘thank you’, ‘good luck’ or ‘good news’
all rolled into one.
The word ‘toku’ means ‘virtue’.

“May happiness come to you”.
“Let’s be virtuous = let’s do good things.”

It is not only about ourselves and our generation,
but also about our children’s and grandchildren’s generation,
acting in the hope that their happiness will come back to us.

Our starting point is that we want to convey
We want to convey the invisible and important things in a tangible form.
This is how we started Food Reborn.



It's not just about us and our generation.
We will create a world where we can act for the happiness of our children and grandchildren.



Exciting Exciting."
Never give up. Never give up.
Challenge Challenge

Never give up and get up again and again to make an exciting future come true.
We challenge with conviction toward new possibilities.